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Cabaret Callbacks!!!

February 22nd from 6-10PM

at Creative 360 in Midland 

Click the PDF to view and download the script

Callbacks are by invite only and the specific role/roles you will be reading for will be specified in your email invite. Below are the resources for our callbacks.

We will start with singing, then move on to the sides. We will finish the audition with a dance combination for people being called back for the Kit Kat Club. 

Music Auditions

Fraulein Schnieder -

"So What?" 

Measures 72-107 

Fraulein Kost -

"Tomorrow Belongs to Me"

Measures 1- 34

Kit Kat Girls -

Don't tell Mamma

Measure 76- 92

Click the PDF to view and download the Score

Herr Schultz -

 "It couldnt Please me more"

Measures  19-35

Herr Ludwig -  

"Tomorrow Belongs to Me"

Measures 33 - 50

Kit Kat Boys -


Measure 176-192

Character Sides

Earnst | Cliff
Earnst | Kost
Schultz | Schnieder 1
Victor | Bobby | Cliff
Schnieder| Kost
Schultz | Schnieder 2
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